When In Doubt, Use A Buddy System

Photo Credit: andipants

Spent the afternoon at a colleague’s house. Reliably, conversation turned to curriculum and instruction. Ever on the prowl for new methods, the two of us compare notes, joys & sorrows. I will borrow two of her strategies. First, instead of naming each unit folder Week 1, Week 2 etc. I will name them by the first day of each week they become available. Second, I will use screen shots to explain an oft misunderstood process. My twist on this latter innovation however, is to get students to write the step by step process with screen shots for those things they found most difficult or confusing.

We both use Prezi to introduce highlights of our syllabi, and limit the number of tabs we leave visible on our course content tabs. She provides more information surrounding each text than I do and uses graphics more effectively. We are both attempting to establish and maintain more consistency in assignments from week to week. Only the Midterm and Finals Week Folders break the pattern of Discussion, Reading Journal, Background Research and Quiz I have established in my course. If collaboration is good for students, might it not be even more beneficial for instructors?


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