Saturday, Everywhere But In The Park

I started a new website @ to use as a sample Midterm Project for Immigrant Literature today. I got as far as adding a photo and email address, description of the course and list of titles to the homepage and answering student email, before taking M’Dear for an hour’s dip in the pool, eating lunch, taking a 32 minute nap and picking up the husband from work in order to get all ducks in a row so a visit to Chuck E. Cheese could include the neighbor’s five-year-old twin grandchildren.

Tomorrow hopefully, after teaching the Adult Sunday School lesson on Honesty and Integrity using backward design theory,  Stephen Covey’s 2nd habit , “Begin with the end in mind”, and the scriptures from the teacher’s manual, we’ll drop off at a friend’s house, the promised CDs of Bible Study from a couple Wednesdays ago and go to a barbecue and pool party at a colleague’s house. Somewhere in the middle of these things I will read more in the text we finished reading last week.


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