A Day in the Life

We’re in the anteroom of a marriage and family therapist counseling suite. A friend of mine is considering adopting my Jack Russell / Border Collie, Salt, for a working dog. Not sure she’s passed the first test though. Salt snapped at her grandson and didn’t give my friend much attention when she knelt down out here between sessions. Being that all things work together for good, to them that love God (Romans 8:28), I will trust that each of us is in and will inhabit our rightful home.

After many sniffs and bribes – more snacks were sampled by the dog than the people for whom they were prepared – it feels pretty calm now. Several clients have come and gone in the hour and some that we’ve been here and Salt has sat down at least once. She’s considering snuggling up on the blanket on the floor with the 9 year olds. I’m quite sure of it. It’s kind of nice having her watch the door too but how will she discern between those with appointments and those with other agendas?

This is the way a day ends that began with InstaMom’s first measurable disappointment: Summer camp does not begin until June 13th. Guess I could have reserved a spot but the disappointment was too sharp to think about anything more than making it up to my crestfallen niece. The wonder of children, this one in particular, is that the promise of a movie borrowed from the library was enough to totally cancel the level 10 disappointment.

In between the disappointment and therapy dog in training session, we went to the office where I took and returned panic calls from students logging on to the Immigrant Lit course for the first time to discover they were late with their first post; answered a few emails, posted a few sample responses, split a chicken burrito, went to the library – twice – and sent out a request for folks to come up with $6k for an honorarium to entice one of the authors on the summer reading list to visit. Nice work if you can get it and I intend to be the writer who can get it when I try.


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