In the Spirit of Ubuntu

After a long nap I sample the roasted chicken and macaroni salad in an attempt to shake the sadness lingering after a dream interrupted. When the going gets tough I usually take one of the pups out for a walk. The going had gotten rough last night when, in the middle of exulting in the discovery of a video to replace my homemade welcome video, the learning management system was taken offline for its bimonthly update. Returning to the seat of the crime this evening, I haven’t even been able to login for the weight of that previous disappointment. Nor, for that matter, have I been able to return to working on the syllabus despite my anticipation of laying it out as an even more fabulous newsletter than the one I’d created for a section of Academic and Life Skills some time last year.

After several hours of virtual nesting, it’s really time again for bed and the dogs have been walked twice each. The syllabus remains incomplete. I couldn’t even bare to finish the first book on the reading list, Tasting the Sky, during a pedicure this afternoon, despite the fact that I’ve been within five pages of finishing for more than a week. The good news is, the video I need to do the job of setting the tone for the Im/E/Migrant Literature course is still available on TED and, as the universe would have it, offered by one of my selected authors who recites, I discovered last night, a poem of my all time favorite author, Lucille Clifton.


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