Constructing a Course in Immigrant Literature

Spent the last five+ hours organizing the distance education section of the new Immigrant Literature course with the help of a colleague who is a programming whiz. She will write the formula that will make each week’s content available once students have scored 70% or better on each of the previous week’s assignments. Those assignments include a Reading Journal, Research on the Author, Region, History of the text under consideration and a quiz from Pearson’s My Literature Lab. My colleague also modified the course themes so I have a more attractive background template than Angel’s Learning Management System currently offers while I uploaded the gradebook assignments and revised the instructions for each.

Each Reading Journal includes:

→ an insight gained from the reading

→ an insight about how one or more of the themes connects to your reality

→ an insight about how one or more of the themes connects to current events in the news

→ an insight interpreting this section of the text’s metaphorical or allegorical aspects

→ an insight about how one or more of the themes connects to two or more course objectives from the syllabus

→ an insight about how the text may be interpreted according to one school of literary criticism (see MyLitLab section on Literary Theory)

If the student engages consistently, participating in discussion, completing the reading and assignments, upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1.     Understand and discuss an author’s choices of vocabulary, genre, symbolism and character to convey meaning and evoke the reader’s response

2.     Use literary vocabulary and reference various schools of criticism  in discussions

3.     Demonstrate the results of close reading and original thinking about the works studied in clear, well-organized writing and articulate discussion

4.     Identify the interplay of key ideas, attitudes and social justice issues related to nationality, linguistic background, race, class, gender, religion, ability and sexual orientation within and among the characters, plots, settings of the selected texts

5.     Discuss the social, cultural and historical contexts of the works studied

I am trying to find a way to share resources inspired by Sebastiao Salgado whose work on immigrants worldwide has changed the discourse of human rights by continuing to humanize the issues facing concerned and migrating members of the global village.


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