InstaMom Day #2

Something about becoming a mother overnight has made me ruthless. Might be hormones. Might be inspiration. It’s perfect timing however you slice it. Could it be that being responsible for another has made me realize, at last, that I must take care of myself in every area of my life to do the dance of parenting with whatsoever grace may come? When all is said and done it may simply be permission to prioritize life in a whole new way. There seems to have been no learning curve at all. I simply, or not so simply, had to see myself as significant, albeit tangentially, for the reordering to occur. This is not the perspective I take in the classroom and perhaps that’s been the rub all along. We’ll see how they like me now.

On the frontlines of motherhood today, we got disappointing news. M’Dear’s hair is too soft for Sisterlocks. The salon owner was suggested as a pro with braiding children’s hair so I gave her a call and she’ll buzz me when she gets back in town after the long weekend. I find this incident notable because of the wilt in the spine the news occasioned in my precious niece. She was all set for a new look and I had no idea that having a delay or change in kind of make-over imagined would affect her this way. I tell you what: having a child definitely gives you a different perspective on things and I am so glad God chose me for this assignment at this time in my life!


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