New Horizons

Sunrise Over Crater Lake and Wizard Island, OR

One great thing about teaching / learning is that they are full of do-overs. Each semester is a fresh start. Past failures are past, if not entirely forgotten, and one’s hope rises a thing reborn. At least, in my case, this is so. I imagine it’s a feeling similar to mothers who, labor forgotten, conceive and bring forth again. Some may call it hysterical blindness. I prefer to think of it as selective amnesia. Having experienced both in high school, I speak with some degree of authority. Viewing the film You Again with my sister and niece this evening, I am reminded of not only how history repeats itself, a timely caution, considering, but just how far-reaching are the consequences of emotions we don’t let go. I am so happy for having reconnected with my Re-evaluation Counseling Colleagues and thrilled at the prospects of our budding writers’ support group. Regular discharge on early memories will no doubt improve my ability to be present and access my best thinking in and outside the classroom. Hopefully, this will translate into a better learning environment for us all.


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