What A Programme!

Great workshop, great colleagues, great future. What if you were the person in charge of liberating college and university colleagues to be more effective allies to learners and catalysts for authentic thinking? What would your first, second and next steps be?

I would invite, by example, all college and university faculty to

  1. cross-train in family work;
  2. discharge the residue of early hurts that keeps us from openly caring about one another and every discipline as fully committed allies
  3. prioritize the elimination of racism and classism in our lifetime as part of the core mission and coordinate every other liberation policy accordingly as it is influenced by learning experiences both formal and informal and;
  4. make closeness and play the goal and the way of everything we do, think or imagine

It bears stating that all of this could only be achieved if I had close relationships with, and let in a growing posse of interdependent, collaborative, authentic, and committed-for-the-long-haul co-counselors from all constituencies – just like the precious humane beings who attended this weekend’s workshop.


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