In the End, A Beginning

Student presentations of ePortfolios gave me the opportunity to bumper-sticker my From Acorns to Oaks teaching philosophy.

If you break the shell of an acorn while planting the oak that results will not be able to withstand its first storm.

This is, in essence, why I seek to create vacuums for their intelligence to fill, why they experience the class as excruciating at worst and as a “dreaded family vacation” at best. But this is also why, when they leave our classroom, they know how to learn. What my students have taught me is that while there may be remedial courses, there are no remedial people only occasions to fill up what is behind.

With that, we did out dog and pony shows, savored some ice cream or noodles, and went on our ways a few weeks ahead of schedule, working online for what remains of the semester.


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