Endurance: A Lasting Matter

Having the vision of God is the source of patience because it gives us God’s true and proper inspiration.

Oswald Chambers cautions us to wait for such vision, though it tarry. In my nearly 20 years in the classroom, God has given me the patience to wait until I see what He sees in and about each learner. Sometimes, such vision comes after a semester has ended, long after. Here, in Vegas, a higher level of patience is called for and forthcoming. My students’ lives are embattled in ways I never would have imagined possible and yet, it is written in the Bible that one day brother will be set against, brother, fathers against their children, children against their parents (Matthew 10:21). That day has arrived.

I suppose I said all that to say nothing of students being set against themselves. Some continue attending class. Some struggle to appear to be doing the work even after it is clear someone else is doing it for them. Some straggle or swagger in 30 minutes after class has started. Are they hoping I will ask them why? The three who came prepared today, to one degree or another, have chosen, against odds similar to those faced by those fallen along the wayside this term, to stay the course, do the work and imagine themselves beyond the limits their lives have shrink-wrapped around them. Each, at one time or another, has shared an early or recent school-related struggle that they’ve used as a catalyst to catapult them beyond the destiny earmarked for them. It has not been easy. I wish such persistence had been a contagious disease and that they had infected the rest of the class with it.


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