All Things Working Together

I took the operating room analogy for a test drive as a freewriting topic today, after 5 a.m. prayer, after the treadmill, after the reassuring trip to check the gash in the tire, after sending lil sis a rubber chicken. Got some mileage out of it. Remembered a friend’s birthday – a month late. Shared the consolation of poetry with a friend who received a letter of termination today. Instead of being more disagreeable during an argument with hubster, I covered it with love and was richly rewarded by the lesson from the pulpit during Bible Study. Using the story of the Three Hebrew Boys in the Firey Furnace Pastor reminded us to abide and that Our Father would never leave us in such hands. Either way, we’re coming out, for all things do indeed work together for good to them that love God (Romans 8:28).


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