Emma Thompson‘s rendering of Professor Dr. Vivian Bearing in the film Wit (2001) was, like the film’s subject-matter, beyond words. It has to be among the best made-for-tv films on record. Perhaps, for those not in love with words or never estranged from the human family, it was a bit slow or the main character a bit self-absorbed. But for my time/money, it was, as the Brits are fond of saying, spot-on. I wonder if that is correctly punctuated. I deeply appreciate the way poetry is threaded throughout, despite the ultimate verdict of its all but irrelevance in such circumstances. I have, on more than one occasion, encouraged students to memorize a poem or three for company during the dark night of the soul that comes like death, early or late, for all who live. I liked too, the way I felt my regrets would not be about harsh moments between students and me, but about students lost or those who never entered my classrooms. I do so enjoy the discipline of study and yet realize it can be no substitute for human/humane relationship – even with the Divine. Thanks for the share, Iveth. I’ll get it back to the library at once.

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