Reflections on Risk and Resilience

Attended break out sessions on Supporting Resilience in Expatriate Families, Best Practices for Global Teams, Creating Spaces for Sharing Grief and Hope and, my personal favorite, Personal Leadership. I took many notes and was happily inspired with new questions among which was the following:

If we acknowledge higher ed institutions’ increasing globalization and historic balkanization, and view tenured faculty as a protected class, can the classroom be considered a high-risk zone

At the end of a long day, the Keynote began at 8:15 and the last session ended at 6 p.m., in time for the Dine Around Denver, six of us headed over to 8 Rivers, a Caribbean restaurant. Their mac and cheese was singular, mango salsa fabulous, and sweet potato fries savory, if not crisp enough as my colleague had hoped.

Walking the very short distance back to the hotel the mile high city made its presence felt. The combination of altitude, dehydration, and cold air [flurries had fallen in the early morning hours] gave one pause. I sat down immediately as we entered the lobby.


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