Dear Roz and Ben,

I reach chapter two in The Art of Possibility and begin fantasizing at once about what might result if I assigned the A letter to each student in my Basic Writing classes. At present, they end the semester writing their Legacy to incoming students, explaining how they learned what they did and offering advice and encouragement. I suppose if I said I like your idea better that would still be within the world of measurement but perhaps it is an idea whose time has come to my classes.

Then too, I imagined what would change if I approached every class as a dance lesson. I am reading your book during a dinner, sola, at the Red Shrimp Company. Aster Piazzola plays through my Nano headset but this is not why the metaphor presents itself. In the deepest part of who I am I believe myself to be a dancer though I stopped dancing, taking lessons, going out, years ago. The muse returned in time for my oral defense a couple years ago though, and brought with her everything I needed to tie my research, my teaching practice, and dissertation together.

But I am certain much would shift if I used that as an invitation to connect the content and with each other. Well, it’s nearing time for bed and I’m contemplating writing an A letter myself. Thanks for being inspired and spreading it around.


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