After the Retreat

Antonio Carlos Jobim plays Agua de Beber softly through the earbuds. Filial growling is heard at my ankles as my husband beats the couch in an effort to calm the wrestling dogs. He attempts to watch television. Over dinner, he asks if I am hungry. I say, no, just nervous. When asked in his traditional fashion with my expected answer as part of the question, I simply nod. When dessert arrives, and I return from the restroom, I avow it is the last dessert until summer’s end.

The retreat itself was a welcome shift in energies and attentions. Several new friends were made among colleagues and a novel thought or two emerged from discussions. While I made a new avatar at Voki and will try Jing to make lecturettes of how to move about the course shell, I did not get the flood of energy to advance the immigrant literature course slated for first summer session that I’d hoped for. Given the current budget situation, I resist opening the email containing the most recent truths about the extent of the budget cuts, who knows if a themes course will even get airtime. Granted, distance ed courses are cost effective for the institution, but is my investment warranted. It requires all new books. I wonder if they’re available through the library. Why didn’t I think of that before! Here’s the line-up for the 6-week version of the 8-week originally proposed. Aw, heck! Why don’t I let y’all decide. Here are the eight titles under consideration. Which two do YOU think I should cut?


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