Proud of You

ITEM: Yesterday, an NPR broadcast discussed the controversy surrounding a recently published biography of Mohandas K. Gandhi entitled, Great Soul. Apparently, various states in India are debating censoring the volume. What made my heart sing was Gandhi’s grand-nephew’s comments tying the author’s right, in democratic nations, to state his opinion without fear of reprisal, to Gandhi’s own commitments to justice. I love it when grown-ups get airtime.


One thought on “Proud of You

  1. Gandhi has had an influence on my life at least since the time I was 18. Censorship may be legitimate under very rare circumstances, but certainly not in this case. I also heard the NPR broadcast and the part that I loved most was a reference to just how human Gandhi knew himself to be. As one of his family members said (I think it was a family member and I’m paraphrasing here) when asked what Gandhi would say about this book being censored in India, –Gandhi once told his disciples that he was from the Earth, that he had all the earthy instincts and desires that are common among all people. This man was indeed, a Great Soul!

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