Third Day Back From Spring Break

Monday, I was able to write myself down from the cliff during the initial freewriting period. Three minutes into the class, students were bouncing off the walls. It is said that when you teach 13th grade, this is to be expected. After nearly 20 years of the same after Spring Break behaviour, I appear to be at least equally, if not utterly, ineducable. This is why my schedule was submitted under protest last semester when a return to the 16-week format was mandate.d. Read  StudentSuccesAndTermLength.pdf . Some classes / skills are going to be mastered in fewer than eight weeks, or not this time around. Period.
Today, I made it nearly three-quarters of an hour into the period before saying those fateful words, class dismissed. Something inside me refuses to rise to the occasion each time it seems a bad cop is needed. I don’t believe in robbing adults of the opportunity to define appropriate academic behavior. Perhaps a freewriting on the Community Guidelines will make a useful discussion next week. Lemonade. Fancy that.
Innywho, several students left and some returned. With the few who remained or returned I was able to discuss details of the service learning options and encourage folks to work together to organize all their documents for their draft portfolio submissions next week. Two students apologized for being all over the place before they left class. At least there’s one silver lining: I found a writing competition I can use as my next in-class essay writing prompt for The Semester That Would Not Cry, Uncle. Woohoo! Yes! Magazine comes to the rescue once again!

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