Spring Break Broken

What a day! First day back to classes and I wanted to dismiss class within three minutes of walking in the door. Writing helped turn things around and some teaching/learning was had by all. One student, chronically unprepared and clueless by decision though she hangs out with a classmate who’s most often than not on top of things, left saying, thanks, that was productive. By grace, wonders never do cease. I wanted to share the stages and contents of the Who Am I narrative here but left office without downloading from the server that hosts classroom items. Twill have to wait until tomorrow.

Pleased that I did hit the pool and run for half an hour despite the fact that I’d left home without many of the bells and whistles I like to take with me. You know, the luxuries like a towel, robe, soap… I did split some listening time with a retired colleague before sharing an anniversary breakfast with my husband. Despite the lateness of the hour and having turned in a full hour later than I’d wanted to last night, I managed to cook breakfast and remember to collect all the pieces of the Streak to return. It does many things well, has many warts but doesn’t do the two things I wanted it for: 1 – to allow me to take and share notes from eBooks; 2 – to allow me to respond or post to our learning management system, Angel. Though it’s been real and nice, it hasn’t been real nice, not enough to justify another monthly bill that is. So, farewell to technological advances, this time. Old school won the toss fair and square.

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