Last Supper

It’s Friday. And since I don’t count weekends as part of the annual reprieve, Spring Break is officially over. To celebrate, I decided to enjoy something special while slow cooking a pot roast and veggies in the crock pot for tomorrow.

In a dish, combine Romain lettuce, Craisins, goat cheese crumbles, Roma tomato and heated John Soules Food’s Beef Fajitas – flame-broiled, seasoned and sliced. If you don’t have a covered jar for shaking the dressing ingredients together, a teacup and fork will do.

Preserving a 2-1 ratio of 1/2 lemon juice 1/2 aged balsamic vinegar to virgin olive oil, sliver fresh garlic and mash with a fork, vigorously blending the liquids. Add salt to taste and toss over salad fixings. Enjoy. For my vegetarian (apologies to the vegan) friends, Morel mushrooms, make a wonderful substitute (in season) for the beef.

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