Spring Break

Both my pooches have chocolate brown eyes, This to me is a mercy. They remind me of family members and friends past or at a great distance. Today, being the first weekday of our spring break, I was at some disadvantage coming up with things not to do. One puppy had a few suggestions and launched herself repeatedly onto my lap. I finally gave in and let her sit there until the other one got the same brilliant idea. We made quite a sight. Now, they put paws on each arm and attempt to distract me from completing this entry. Another blessing. What should one do if not rest during Spring Break, especially when so many categories of working folk don’t enjoy the privilege of regularly scheduled time to recharge.

P.S. Note to Self: Next time the feeling strikes and you want to get a little jiggy with a recipe, don’t. Pre-fab crispy onion rings make a better crust for baked chicken than left over tostitos and total cereal. Some commercials can be trusted. Honest.


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