When the Teacher is Ready the Student Will Appear

Yesterday, one of the team presentations invited us to freewrite in answer to the question: What do you think adultism is? What follows was my freewrite.

Adultism is the thing that allows everyone in this class to pay more attention to everyone before paying attention to Y who is perceived to be (if not in actuality chronologically) the youngest member of class. Who, asks me for a marker and, when I suggest there may be one hidden in the console, proceeds to find a drawer that I never knew existed though I’ve taught in such Smartrooms before. Adultism is the thing that keeps 1 billion children in poverty and 37.5% of single mothers on the margins. The sad truth is that adultism is the thing that keeps everyone down as it is the gateway oppression that leads to our occupying perpetrator, victim or survivor, bystander and rescuer roles for the rest of our lives using every other form of oppression we ignore as the inevitable, unchanging wallpaper of our lives, unless and until we decide to Rise Up with Yves La Rock! Hunger is definitely making me wax more eloquent but the stomach’s music is competing with the grace of my hand and level of patience for those apparently flying by the seats of their pants. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, the youngest member of the team appears to be the most confident, invested and prepared. I’ll marinate on that for a while rather than eat my words while typing is heard in the background.

Reading it aloud when the class is asked to share what they wrote, I am told it warrants a smiley face. 

In an earlier class, one team shared this 5-minute video on classism. It’s where I got the statistics I quoted above. I’ll be using the question at the end as a visual prompt for the first in-class essay back from spring break.


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