Tids and Bits

Something about the weather today made me melancholy though I called it nostalgia when talking with my sister. She’s facing some dire straits just now and, while I left her crying having prayed over her circumstances, I did not want to add to her load the details of mine…

The Isley Brothers played when I opened iTunes at random when I reached the office after returning two sets of midterms. One student, a no-show had missed class due to a death in the family, another was coming in an hour or so, so I had time to respond to email and charge the new gadget I’m test driving in hopes that such a tablet will help preparation for the new course in immigrant literature during trips to an aunt whose dementia is expected to worsen…

When I got home, a woman was standing in the hallway near my door. She was dripping wet and barefooted. We’d spoken last summer once or twice and had sat by one another in church on a few occasions. She asked if she could perhaps use my bathroom. I drew her a bath, heated some macaroni and cheese, and we chat as long as the dogs could handle the close quarters of the kennel.

So much more to say – about everything.


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