Not Even Controlled Chaos

This morning, when I made note of this post’s title, I had something in mind but the day’s activities have left only these crumbs: Though I delayed as long as I could, I made my way to a friend’s apartment in hopes of putting either my worries or the friend to rest. It had been more than two weeks since she’d made contact and that was completely out of character for one formerly in the habit of bringing a three course meal over on Sundays. She had responded to none of my voicemail messages, replied to neither text nor email and so, given her fragile health, I could surmise only the worst. Putting on the whole armour of God and wielding the comfort of one scripture in particular, I collected my wits and recollections of Pastor’s message from last night’s Bible Study, I drove to the complex where once we’d been neighbors.

Earlier in the week I’d left a voicemail message that if I didn’t hear from her soon I would check with management. Failing that, I would call her daughter. Fortunately, when I arrived at her place one of the groundskeepers was just driving up and he was able to reassure me that, although her car was not in its customary parking space, she’d been up and around as recently as Monday. I tucked my hurt feelings inside a greater sense of relief and left a card with my next dental appointment in her door jam and another voicemail on her home phone. She called later in the day at last to say she was not in good shape, staying with another friend and planning to move back East to live with her kids.

Fortunately, the day went uphill from there. Two classes went off more or less effectively. That is to say I was able to capture good notes from discussion after freewriting, in the first class on standing up for one’s thinking, and in the second class, on a quote about learning everything we can that was left on the board by the previous instructor. A student from each class stopped by for office visits that cleared up several misconceptions. A friend in Georgia called on her way to a book signing and put me in contact with the first author for my new immigrant literature course for the summer. This inspired me to continue searching until I came up with six titles that promise to provide a great deal to chew on. And this reminded me that I am to be on a panel in honor of Women’s History Month tomorrow afternoon and so I printed my research and designed a webpage of resources on or around my area(s) of interest and intended contribution.

Being that my husband was called to work, I stayed a little later than intended but was rewarded with an introduction to a colleague’s family who were exiting the building at the same time. I got a bead on how to enter my topic tomorrow from his wife and a live connection to his mentor from my colleague. Turned out to be a Red Letter Day indeed.


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