So, What’s New?

I went a little overboard preparing for last night’s Civil Rights Symposium. I look forward to the day when it takes less to make me feel ready for something. In truth, I didn’t feel ready, never do, despite an attendee’s mention that I seemed so confident. I simply work until things go live. This way, I don’t have to anticipate anything and avoid jitters of all kinds. Afterward, I simply fall over from exhaustion. This way, I don’t have to kill myself with Monday Morning Quarterbacking or hyper-critical cross-examination.

Here are the resources the universe sent my way. They were projected overhead during the Q & A period. I created a book mark using Normal Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With – a representation of six-year-old Ruby Bridges’ walk to school escorted by federal marshals so folk wouldn’t have to worry about copying down the url and I could use them to divide resources during an interactive exercise to reinforce the value of knowing both historic and present realities and working to establish the best outcomes for the greater and more common good. Run-on.


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