Freewriting Benefits Beyond Writing

Yesterday, students said freewriting:

  • helps relieve stress
  • helps me think more quickly in high pressure situations
  • allows you to learn a lot about yourself
  • allows you to choose your opinions
  • provides me with that special friend to talk to
  • reveals areas for improvement
  • inspires deeper thinking

That’ll do, won’t it.

For my part, I freewrote:

Freewriting has enabled me to see just how much a part of the problem I am. It has made visible the invisible tentacles of the oppression in my mind and life, thinking and behavior. I can truly say that taking charge of my thinking through freewriting has shown me where I have volunteered to be the victim and where I have chosen to overcome the circumstances and challenges life places before me. It has helped me to be happy for no reason as Marci Shimoff says in her book of that title. It has given me whatever control is available for this journey through life that we share. It has reinforced the centrality of my locus of control and made me the architect of each day and moment because it has made me aware of just how willing I am to be accountable for my responses to a situation and that, my Fellow Americans, is as good as it gets

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