After a Week Away

I returned to the classroom. One student in each class asked if I were feeling better. I thanked each for his concern and said something about Auntie’s condition. The VP of Student Affairs passed by while I was having a late lunch. We chat a few moments about the upcoming Civil Rights symposium and the elders we have been privileged to know, or know about. I sat for a long while with the AA in my department shooting the breeze and confessing how little patience we each have for television and quitters. It’s pointless for me to attempt anything between say 2:30 and 5 p.m. All systems shut down and a nap would be in everyone’s best interests. Like the Calabash 10th anniversary volume says, So Much Things to Say….

But what I’ll leave you to consider is this: How many things could you accomplish in two hours and 15 minutes? We went to Cardenas Grocery Store, the 99 cents Store and stopped at Little Ceasar’s. It wasn’t until we entered Sunflower Market to get meat, olive oil and peanuts that T-Mobile finally picked up their end of the phone and advised that my trouble sending text messages and email from my handset was due to an outage in my area. Few people would be proud to say they hold a world’s record for waiting on hold. I’d be one of them. For shame.

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