Technically, It’s Still Yesterday in Vegas

Lime is not connecting and their technical support gets me to the third menu option and, nada. I get so far on the internet and bada-bing, nulla, pasta fazula. Yes, I’m loopy and it has little to with meds. I’m posting here because a suspicious file keeps downloading from my blog and I keep canceling the download. And I think this is what’s blocking admin access to Teaching Under the Influence. There’s much to say. This was a big day – HUGE. Found out my great grandad was a principal. Saw a family portrait with Uncle Arthur aged 5 in 1884. On the other side of the family, Uncle Arthur told me yesterday that one uncle holds an unbroken record for high school athletics and another was an Olympic coach in England who was recently named Athlete of the Year for 1920. Fancy them apples.


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