Falling Into His Arms

Sometimes, as Pastor Sapp said, you must be betrayed into your blessing. As I was heading to a meeting this morning, I stepped on a rock funny and went down. The Charley Horse hurt more than the wounded pride, but not more than the thought of being within arm’s reach of help and it not being forthcoming. Princess Tinkerbell came to my aid however and I was able to laugh heartily through the tears. Of course, I never fell from Jesus’ loving embrace and rose up singing, literally.

Made it through the meeting, through the grading, survived deleting the week’s batch of grades, and enjoyed an impromptu birthday celebration at Mad Greek’s all before calling the 24hr nurse to be instructed to go straight to the Quick Care. After a time the Dr. saw me and gave simple instructions and no stronger prescription than an over-the counter anti-inflammatory / pain-killer. She also mentioned that I do less than 1K of tomorrow’s 5K for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Guess I better listen, especially if things look likely that I’ll be paying a visit to Auntie in the near future whether or not they release her from the hospital.

Thank God for Jesus.


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