A Blast From The Past

It’s always affirming when a former student takes the time to look you up. Today, it happened to me. A student who a few years ago was having a hard time getting and keeping the pieces of his life together, and had enrolled in my section of Academic and Life Success, and left some time before the semester was over, decided to stop by. It’s funny the things one remembers – and the things one forgets. I remembered he was left-handed but memory had confused his many piercings for tattoos. In any case, having married in the interim, he was as surprised as any that, walking by my office door, I was still there. He came in and made himself comfortable. I took his picture despite protests that he hadn’t shaved his head this morning, and he gave me a detailed update on where he’s been and what decisions he’s currently weighing. Our time was cut short when a current student filled the doorway. Something about the fact that the next visitor was an equally impressive six-foot-five, and black, gave me a curious satisfaction. Sheepishly, I smiled even more deeply when the six-foot-four white pelon said, on his way out, “Believe her – everything she says. She’s like Yoda.” Nice work if you can get it. The next visitor elected to try voice posts in lieu of handwritten freewrites. His time was cut short by the arrival of his ride home.


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