Preparing to bring the Adult Sunday School lesson tomorrow on living a Spirit-filled life, I thought a wordle on the white board might be a good thing. Only trouble is the program wouldn’t work on my laptop to create it. I had a good time selecting the words as I read the lesson. Came up with a few focusing questions and ways in, in pairs, small groups or individually. I cleared my cache and everything. It still didn’t work. After a long day shopping it feels like this will have to do. I’ll paste the words below.

Spirit-filled-life if-I-go-not-away Savior’s-Surveillance how-where-when-Spirit-guides have find search read hear know obey teach talk bind write Hands Eyes way-of-peace benefits narrow-way Spirit-filled-life guidance peace lie-down still-waters comfort deception springs-of-water spiritual-renewal wilderness-weary-wanderers guide protect must-judge-ourselves decision security confidence assurance Spirit-filled-life



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