God’s Challenge

After confessing to God how confident I was at the start of the marriage and how I am having to learn love in the way God showed me what trust looks like, He sent this verse:

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. (Mark 14:38)

He followed with the question, if you believe this scripture, why don’t you think it applies to you? At this I smile inwardly and, writing this, realize the same is true of the semester. I took on the third section of 098 with gusto and even in this, the first week, feel exhausted.

Either I find a way to teach that takes less out of me (giving the lie to what I said at a workshop last week about loving teaching precisely because it demands all of me), or I find at this late date – 20 years in – a new career. I left at 10 years, preferring to leave the field while I still had a taste for the game. Now, even trawling the parking lot for a space is too much for me. I wonder how much a cab would cost…


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