Peterson’s Solo Remix today prompts me to ask: What does it mean to be kind to God? I freewrite my response.

  • I buy chopsticks to slow me down when eating.
  • I buy creamer so I can sit and sip coffee at home.
  • I buy notebooks, pens, markers, mechanical pencils, planners, books and bible study aids so I can spend more deliberate time with Jesus and yet…

I feel so far from Him – not to mention the accordion relationship with my husband. Is this as good as it gets? Oswald Chambers affirms:

Jesus has needs which we can meet – ‘Give me to drink’ (John 4:7

And yet, rather than pour out to Him, I plead, pour into me, and do not open to receive. Instead, I do what is familiar. I suspend the endless loop of the chronic worry radio station in my head, WCWK radio, by becoming absorbed in work or study. Be my Friend, Lord, wreck that I am and give me a heart like yours.

How, today, might I be kind to the new students?

That question ends this morning’s notes. Only now, as I am typing, do I realize that God answered it at once. Arriving 10 minutes early for the first class of the semester in order to get the technology up and running, mercy said, no. I couldn’t even log onto the network. The phone lines were also down so I could call neither the Help Desk nor the on campus OTS folk I know personally to sort things out. That’s how my prayer was answered. I had to do what He has taught me to do best, wait on Him. And so I did by being with the class, showing up for real and connecting with those who wanted to do likewise while holding out the invitation to those who didn’t appear similarly hopeful. It was perhaps the best opening day on record. And I didn’t even have to have the traditional nightmare beforehand. Thanks, Je.


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