Technology, Don’t Fail Me Now.

I tried to make a voice-post before midnight last night from the Urgent Care lobby. I realized it was tied to another blog but still made the effort to keep my post-a-day-2011 commitment to this one. By the time I remembered where I’d saved my pin, and dialed back in to make the voice-post, it was a minute past.

Hubby survived what seemed a merry-go-round of service providers at Urgent Care – five different women saw us between presenting the medical insurance cards I’d been contemplating doing away with and making the co-payment – seven if you count the two women at the front desk. We both survived the extended attempt to fill the prescriptions at the nearest 24-hour Walgreen’s when computer systems at both urgent care and the pharmacy were down.

And finally, lemonade was made during the wait as I had with me my camera with vacation pictures to layout for a book. I retrieved the album today – at a 20% discount I might add- and it is quite handsome despite the bleary eyes that assembled it.

Also, thanks to a friend’s request to give her dissertation proposal the once-over (oops, I forgot to ask if she weren’t required to include an abstract), I found my own dissertation journal – the notes I’d intended to use as catalysts for blogging here. Ruzzafruzza. Tan pis. Tomorrow begins a new semester. Hooray for Domo-Kun, my newest mascot who is curious about everything, gets excited and thrilled everyday! Both will certainly provide ample fresh material and insights for these virtual pages.


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