Do Unto Others

This command, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, doesn’t mean: I like chocolate, therefore chocolate for everyone! It means consider another’s preferences, be thoughtful about them on their terms, not yours. What’s so hard about that, really.

I went to a great workshop on intercultural competence today led by Tamara Thorpe. She did a great job of leading us in an effective exercise of psychological cartography. Each person sketched out her own identity map of personal, professional, national and sub-cultural descriptors. Yes, there were men at the workshop. Then, we discussed both what we discovered and what process(es) we used when listing words in each quadrant.

What I enjoyed was noticing how differently I sat with the activity compared with my first time doing a similar exercise twenty years ago. I was much more lighthearted and colorful in word choice than before. Go figure. Growth happens. I guess charity, love, really does begin at home. Lord, let it begin with me.


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