God Enters, Stage-Left

Today’s Message Solo Remix gave the following instructions:

Bring your thoughts to the God who created asylum-cities. Read the verses again. As you do, picture God entering the room. How do you relate to his presence? Share with him what you’ve been thinking, if you can. Does doing so make you uncomfortable? Why or why not?

It is not until I have stopped speaking [to God] that an image floods consciousness. Not until my inner eye opens and God enters, shedding His light in the chamber, that I realize it was dark and that we, me, myself and I are in a courtroom. I am defense, plaintiff and accused, and I believe all our hearts leapt when Dadd stepped in to see how we were doing – proud of each of us.

Tears rolled and my heart leapt for joy as if my earthly father had made it to a hockey game or tennis match or a class I was teaching. The latter I think he did attend. All of me / I became a blushing, baby girl again – completely unaware of any ‘trial’ going on. Fully alive, awake and conscious of one thing only – Our Father.


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