The Heart of A Teacher

I Corinthians 13 isn’t asking too much when one gets down to brass tacks. After all, it’s the Christ in us that’s the hope of glory, right? Not the sleep-deprived wreck of a woman who’s standing in front of the room, wearing tight shoes, 20 years after the novelty has worn off donning the mantle of the expert. Right. Enter Parker Palmer’s Heart of a Teacher.

Fortunately, for us all, our excellence is measured (by God, where it counts) by the extent to which we’re willing to submit our every thought to the Master Teacher and sit at His feet each time we enter the classroom. A high-wire act to be sure. Impossible. Nah. As parents, teachers, believers we’re asked to do the impossible with the unlikely every moment of our lives – the way Jesus did – seeking no return on investment because he knew the end of the thing. Such charity begins at home. Lord, let it begin with me.


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