Forgiving Eve

Some unknown series of mental gymnastics recently led me to this conclusion: It’s time to forgive Eve. Sure, she caused humanity’s fall from grace; brought the pangs of childhood to a whole new level and forever compromised wives’ credibility. But honestly, what would anyone else have done in her place? One need only look as far as the last decision made to gauge one’s own credibility.  How closely aligned was that decision with our values? But why stop there? Where in the pecking order of spiritual priorities did it fall, and what were the consequences? And just how would you know how far the ripple effects of that decision will go? My point exactly. And since we can’t get back to Eve’s fateful day and, to paraphrase Easton Corbin, …we can’t love her back, we might as well practice forgiving ourselves and each other. There’s no telling how far that will go either.


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