Gimme a Millennium

Intimacy with Jesus is as easy as falling off a greased pole during St. Peter’s festival in Gloucester. Trouble is, some of us don’t go near water that’s not verifiably tropical, others avoid grease in as many forms as humanly possible, and still others couldn’t find Gloucester – either of them – on a map if our lives depended on it. I fall into all three categories so I am constantly dumbfounded He chose me to teach. Some days I wake up armed for bear, wildly out of love with any part of myself and ready to take it out on anything breathing. And there’s the rub. It’s precisely when we’ve abandoned all hope and reliance on self that He enters in and can use the remaining rags to mop up the ongoing mess that is the human condition. Thwarted at every turn, some of us manage to keep getting out of bed and entering whichever classroom opens to us, be it on campus, in the Wal-mart parking lot, or in bed with one’s beloved. When Jesus is present, we enter on our knees, willing to learn. Precisely when we’re feeling abandoned and have exhaled into the ever waiting abyss of loneliness, we are poised for His appearing. Only then.

Friendship is rare on earth. It means identity in thought and heart and spirit. The whole discipline of life is to enable us to enter into this closest relationship with Jesus Christ. We receive His blessings and know His word, but do we know Him? – Oswald Chambers

Intimacy on the human level takes time too. We’ve done ridiculous things to get and keep it. What are we willing to do for such a prize as this? How long are we willing to try? All we have is eternity. Rush in.


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