Today’s the Day!

So there I am, early at my desk, (then late), ready to get going with this thing I’ve committed to – blogging daily – when all of a sudden, not exactly, I realize the collected journal entries on teaching that I’m intending to gussy up are in the repository of a website that will be unavailable until the 10th. Which is to say I haven’t backed them up onto my flash drive as I’d thought, or emailed them to myself, or stored them online at

So much for best laid plans.

So, what do I do now? Drink a bottle of water? Check. Watch Gwyneth Paltrow sing Coming Home on Ram Country / Yahoo? Check. Then watch the interview, then the trailer. Double check. This is how you post about a non-event in the tradition of say Jerry Seinfeld who pulled off several seasons of a sitcom about nothing, only less funny. Guess I’ll prepare for the presentation during convocation. Better yet, I’ll go wash the car.

But first, let it not go without saying that these little roadblocks are also on purpose and used for the greater good. When roadblocks appear, we learn new ways of moving around, under or through them. Or we learn to sit in the meantime with as much grace as we can muster. We learn patience, if we’re paying attention. And then we practice extending it to ourselves and others, liberally. Just the way we were forgiven in the past and on account of the futures yet to manifest that are even now a reality worth celebrating.


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