So I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, talking it over with Jesus, and I say to Him, J, how do I teach my husband what I know about you, if I can’t teach him what I know about language or learning or loving dogs?

Before I give Him a chance to answer, cuz I already know what He’s going to say, I continue.

He resists me, and when he listens he doesn’t respect me…

Jesus cuts me off: Welcome to my world.

I begin laughing and praising him so loud my husband enters, enquiring about my well-being. I reassure him and Jesus continues.

You think folk haven’t been resisting and disrespecting me since the beginning of time?

What I like about Jesus is He doesn’t throw my own failures back in my face. He doesn’t add, including you. Guess He knows that’s what I’m thinking. Even though I know the conversation is over because my heart is broken wide open and the tears are streaming, I continue with every excuse every student has ever offered for why something wasn’t done since I entered the classroom on either side of the desk.

To each objection Jesus replies, “By example”. And He doesn’t stop till I cry uncle, aka hallelujah! He simply finishes me off with, so you still want to teach? To which I reply, never did. And He checkmates: Precisely.

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