If I were in Vegas…

It would still be Wednesday and this post would still be counted as legit. Being that I’m on the East Coast and near certain I’ll not last even 5 minutes writing, I’ll have to settle for the few minutes remaining between hot flashes (yes, they’ve begun in earnest as of this morning, yelp!) and bedtime for Bonzo.

The word that grabs my attention today is disciple. That’s the synonym for teach apparently, in Jesus’ command to His disciples in Matthew 28:19. Oswald Chambers removes all the wiggle room from the verse when he writes:

…you cannot make disciples unless you are a disciple yourself.

And that is precisely what I love so much (or what appeals to my particular set of personality quirks, or what I find most comforting) about teaching, the very real call to accountability – no matter how haphazardly it is or is not practiced.

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